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Buy or Rent: Essential Questions to Ask

At GoldenPoint Finance, we have seen many clients pursue their life dreams through our loan programs in California. One of these goals is owning a home. While this is predominantly an individual’s objective, it is still important to check if the person is ready for this purchase.

  • How much can you afford?As your Mortgage Broker in San Jose California, we help you understand and better present how much you can afford. Sometimes, the source of funds needs detailing and only when you can present every possible option you can see the picture.

  • How long do you plan to stay in the home?Getting a Mortgage is serious and you would want to enjoy the benefits as long as you can. You need to evaluate if the house you are trying to purchase is somewhere you plan to stay for the long term.

  • Can you afford home repairs/maintenance?Paying costs does not end at the purchase. There are many follow up and recurring costs to maintain a livable home. Owners have more responsibility for their house in comparison to relying on the landlord for repairs.

  • What are your financial, career, and family goals?This is the most important question that could help you in laying out your actions. Decisions based on family, career, and financial dreams better align how you make expense decisions. Even with the best interest rate offers, an individual’s choice should be supported by its long term goals.

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