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Basic Concepts of Hard Money Lending

Various loan programs in California answer your specific needs within your current situation. At GoldenPoint Finance, you are assured that experienced and dedicated professionals help you come up with solutions.

To meet the clients’ requirements, different mortgage options can be availed of. One way to secure financing is through hard money loans or private money loans. This kind of investment is funded by private investors. It is simply a short-term loan secured by real estate.

Short term period may cover 12 months, different from the long term agreements pegged for two to five years. The client can expect monthly payments to cover interests and the partial portion of the principal. However, a balloon payment at the end of the term may be expected. Clients must discuss with their advisors to get the best interest rate between their choice of loan and other alternatives.

A borrower may ask how much money this type of loan can provide. As hard money is associated with real estate, the amount is primarily based on the property’s value. This piece of real estate can be something the owner already owns or he is planning to acquire.

Financing your goals is not difficult. Call a reputable Mortgage Broker in San Jose California to answer your questions.

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